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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

World Environment Day

Our goal at Earth Aware Editions is to educate and help inspire global movements to help improve life on our planet. 

We're excited to celebrate World Environment Day and share with our readers, the many books that focus on the environment and what every day people can do to help save our planet.

The following titles can be purchased directly from our website:

National Parks

Wildlands Philanthropy

Grand Canyon

Plundering Appalachia

Blue Planet Run

These are just a few of the titles found in our Nature & Environment category. Check out our website for more, along with a description of each book and which organization is associated with them.

Earth Aware Editions is committed to broadening awareness and understanding the unique challenges of our time through powerful and provocative publications. From climate change and conservation to the accelerating loss of diversity in our planet's species and cultures, the continued erosion of our biosphere and ethnosphere cannot be ignored.
Founded on the principle that the sustainability of life on Earth depends on the spiritual heal and wisdom of humanity, Earth Aware Editions presents the diverse voices of today’s leading environmentalists, photojournalists, cultural commentators, artists, and activists. It is our goal to celebrate global diversity and preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.


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