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Friday, March 23, 2012

Yoga and Vegetarianism

What does yoga have to do with vegetarianism? 

Drawing upon her studies of Vedic traditions, author Sharon Gannon explores how the practices of yoga are historically and structurally tied to an ethical vegetarian lifestyle.

"The yogi strives to live in harmony with Mother Nature...Eating a vegetarian diet can contribute more to saving ourselves and the planet than any other single effort."

Some facts:
  1. Global Warming: Raising animals for food creates more greenhouse as emissions than all the transportation in the world.
  2. Water Pollution: In the US, raising animals for food causes more water pollution than any other industry.
  3. Water Use: More than half the water consumed in the US is used to raise animals for food.
  4. Oceans: Most of the fish and other sea creatures caught annually are not eaten directly by humans but are fed to livestock.
  5. Land: 45% of the total landmass in the US is used to raise animals for food and the crops to feed them.
  6. Deforestation: An acre of land disappears every eight seconds, cleared to grow crops to feed confined animals in factory farms.
  7. Crops: 80% of the corn and more than 95% of the oats grown in the US are fed to animals raised for food.
  8. Fossil fuel depletion: Over 1/3 of all fossil fuels in the US go to raise animals for food.
"Our meat-eating culture not only affects the animals that are tortured and killed but also causes tremendous worldwide environmental devastation - which scientists loudly proclaim will have catastrophic effects on the planet."
Both yoga and vegetarianism form a framework for physical and spiritual attunement, and when practiced as a whole, provide the path not only to physical health, but to spiritual enlightenment.

To learn more about Yoga and Vegetarianism, pick up a copy of Sharon Gannon's book where she shares a 21-day cleansing diet and yoga poses to add to your daily routine.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Italy's country cuisine retreat

Those who have visited the Country House Montali in Tavernelle di Panicale, Italy, have spoken highly of this destination built to "attract like-minded souls," with "fabulous surroundings and serving the most delicious gourmet vegetarian meals."

Country House Montali
More raving reviews from guests:
"Breakfast, lunch or dinner: every time again an artistic surprise."
"If you're looking for the perfect place to really, really get away, do yourself a favor and stay for as long as you can at Country House Montali. This incredible mountain top land, the beautifully decorated rooms, the relaxed vibe experienced when you find yourself overlooking valleys on both sides of the property- all of this and great hospitality made this an unforgettable peak to our Italy experience. Get there as early in the day as you can- the roads leading up to the place get more windy and are best negotiated in good light. Prepare yourself to unwind, take a swim, walk amongst the olive trees and enjoy a glass of wine under the pergola. You'll meet like minded people as we did who appreciate this place and come back again and again when in Italy. And the unbelievably great food... the quality, presentation, variety service and attention to all the details was accomplished with a warm precision by Alberto, Malu and their staff. Glad we have the cookbook as a fond reminder and source of inspiration till our next visit."
You can order a copy of their cookbook, Vegeterranean: Italian Vegetarian Cooking, from Earth Aware Editions, or see photos of their amazing, mouth-watering recipes.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Making a Difference

Earth Aware Editions is committed to broadening the awareness and understanding of the unique challenges of our time through powerful and provocative publications.

Learn more about our top selling titles by visiting our Earth Aware Editions website. 
The National Parks: Our American Landscape
Photography by Ian Shive
Founded on the principle that the sustainability of life on Earth depends on the spiritual health and wisdom of humanity, Earth Aware Editions presents the diverse voices of today's leading environmentalists, photojournalists, cultural commentators, artists, and activists. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Face of America's Homeless

Finding Grace: The Face of America's Homeless
by Lynn Blodgett

An amateur photographer from the age of ten, Lynn Blodgett studied under Andrew Eccles, a renowned photographer who was selected by the New York Times to shoot the cover of their millennium issue.

Also a businessman, Blodgett travels the country as head of the nation's largest provider of computer-based services to state and local governments. During his travels, he began keeping a photographic journal of the homeless people he met, along with their stories, in every city he visited.

The result is "Finding Grace," a powerful collection of words and images that show how people who often go through life ignored and reviled manage to endure the grimmest of life's circumstances with grace and humility.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Italian Vegetarian Cooking

Happy Meatless Monday! We're looking forward to the release of our first cookbook, featuring vegetarian Italian recipes from the owners and proprietors of the Country House Montali.

From the renowned kitchens of Umbria's celebrated hotel, Country House Montali, comes Vegeterranean, a collection of gourmet dishes steeped in the flavors of Italy and the Mediterranean. These recipes evoke the very essence of the region's cooking: the heavy fragrance of thyme and rosemary; the sound and smell of shimmering tomatoes; the musky aromas of cinnamon and saffron. Italian classics such as calzone, ravioli, gnocchi, and lasagna are transformed into stylish, contemporary dishes, while recipes such as Spiedini Primavera (Spring Vegetable Skewers) and Cappuccino di Asparagi (Asparagus Cappuccino) take advantage of each ingredient at its seasonal peak. 

Stock your pantry with homemade sauces, stocks, and pesto, and learn how to make fresh pasta and other essentials with which to prepare vegetarian masterpieces. Chapters on first and second courses, as well as starters, sides, breads, desserts, and even breakfast round out this collection.

Vegeterranean showcases the richness and diversity of modern vegetarian cooking and is a must-have for anyone who wants to perfect the art of preparing fresh, local produce or simply needs inspiration in the kitchen.

Friday, March 9, 2012

American Legacy: Our National Parks

In 1871, artist Thomas Moran ventured into a Wyoming landscape that tested his ability to capture its rich variations of color and light. His field studies of steaming geysers and paintings of towering falls were instrumental in the creation of Yellowstone, our nation’s first national park. Since then, artists have joined naturalists and preservationists in convincing American presidents and legislators to set aside more than 350 locations as part of our American Legacy.

In the traveling art exhibition, American Legacy: Our National Parks, 38 members and guests of the Plein-Air Painters of America set up their easels in national sites across the country. The artists are among the country’s most respected plein-air painters. The adjective plein-air refers to the philosophical belief that creating art on-location, challenging as it may be, is crucial to successfully documenting a visual and emotional point in time and place.

March 8 – August 26, 2012
Booth Western Art Museum
Cartersville, Georgia

September 23 – December 2, 2012
Washakie Museum and Cultural Center
Worland, Wyoming

The National Parks: Our American Landscape

Photographer Ian Shive has captured stunning images from National Parks over the course of his career and shares them in his recent collection, The National Parks: Our American Landscape, available for purchase from Earth Aware

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day in the World

On a single day, millions of perspectives will come together for A Day in the World. May 15, 2012 marks the date on which people from around the globe will pick up their cameras and capture their lives. Professionals and amateur shutterbugs alike will contribute to the most comprehensive photographic documentation of daily life ever made—a global scope in a moment’s time. And just like that, the armchair traveler takes flight, gaining a better understanding of the world’s cultures with every turn of the page.

Tribal areas and urban sprawl, intimate portraits and riotous events, A Day in the World will capture the planet’s range in all its candor. Based on the philosophy that everyone’s life matters, there is no limit to this project’s reach—both behind and in front of the lens. Through an interactive website, participants will upload and tag their images, and then the best will be selected for publication in A Day in the World by an international jury. Ultimately paying tribute to the pervasive role photography now plays in all of our lives, the book aims to inspire tomorrow by picturing today.

A Day in the World launches alongside the movement, a branch of the foundation Expressions of Humankind, supporting scientific research and education concerning the photographic image and the written word. The foundation’s council includes Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Richard Branson, singer/songwriter Robyn, and a host of other luminaries and advocates for the project.

Monday, March 5, 2012

International New Age Trade Show

This will be our first time at the International New Age Trade Show but I have a feeling we'll be right at home among those walking the floor and interested in all things related to alternative medicine and a holistic way of living.

If you plan on attending the INATS event in Colorado this June, please do stop by the Mandala Publishing and Earth Aware Booth #316. We'll be sharing our new children's titles along with our books on yoga, vegetarian recipes and many more.

Yoga and Vegetarianism
 We're looking forward to connecting with some new faces.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Introducing Mandala Kids and Earth Aware Kids

Hector by Steve Barnes and Manu's Ark lead our new line of books for Mandala Kids and Earth Aware Kids this season, adding a wider range of appeal to our books for humanitarians and titles focusing on Eastern philosophy.


May is a few pages away (on our monthly calendar), but join us for a week-long celebration for Children's Book Week, May 7 - 13th and as we share our forthcoming children's titles, including Earth Notebook, Peaceable Forest, Agha the Eight-Mile Monster, and Kaliya Serpent King this fall.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Contact High

In Contact Yoga, Tara Lynda Guber shares the seven points of contact as it pertains to yoga and every relationship we have, whether it be with our co-workers, children, parents or partners.

Using poses specifically designed for two people and utilizing the seven points of contact - trust, passion, commitment, love, communication, vision, and union - this method of yoga helps create greater intimacy, and increase the joy found in our current relationships.

As Guber points out, "It's easy to see what happens when these points are skipped over." We see it all the time.
"Without trust, passion can lead you to betrayal; without passion, commitment is an obligation; without commitment, love doesn't have the protection it needs to deepen; without love, communication can be hurtful; without communication, there is no shared vision; and without all of these, union is incomplete."

Double Pretzel

With black and white photographs of a multitude of yoga poses, shot by Norman Seeff, Contact Yoga is geared toward those who want to take yoga - and their relationships - to the next level.

Contact yogis posing in the book include Cheryl Tiegs, Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna, Elizabeth Berkley, Linda Gray, as well as many other recognized faces and names in the yoga world.