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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

National Photo Month

Our photography books cover nature, geography, faces and places that reflect the beauty found in our daily lives and surrounding some of the most beautiful landscapes and backgrounds.

Whether you have an iphone or a professional camera, we invite you to participate in a global event that will capture images around the world on one given day. On May 15th, have your camera ready.

On this one single day we ask you to pick up your camera and help us photograph daily life. What is close to you? What matters to you? We will connect your images to images from all around the world, creating a unique online experience where photographs will be shared, compared and explored. Your view on life will be preserved to inspire generations to come.

All images will be displayed online for you and everyone to explore. Some of them will be selected for our book, A Day In the World, to be published in October 2012, others shown in digital exhibitions. Every single one will be saved for future research and inspiration. The photos will never be used for commercial purposes. They will always be treated with care and respect. Should your photo be selected to feature in a book, we will try to contact you beforehand.


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