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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

China: Past and Present

On October 16, 1934, the Long March began as first Red Army units crossed the Yuba River.
Just over two years later, on October 22, 1936, the Second Front Army and Fourth Front Army joined up with First Front Army in Huining, officially bringing the Long March to an end.

In mid-2011 Harold Weldon and Li Dong set out with a new survey team retracing the full route of the Long March in preparation for the final photo shoot.

In total, the team took more than 20,000 photographs, representing an amazing portrait of the people, the towns and cities, and the landscapes they visited.

Our book, China: An Intimate Look at the Past and Present features breathtaking, insightful and beautiful images brought back by the photographers who revisited the original 6,000-mile route.


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