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Friday, December 30, 2011

Pocket Change

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. - Carl Rogers

Change is inevitable, but certainly not always easy. Author Peter Crisp has spent over forty years consulting the I Ching and has created a small, pocket-sized edition of his own that interprets the wisdom that has been available for thousands of years.

If you have spare change in your pocket (at least three coins) and The Little Book of Changes, you'll be able to find some answers to the questions you might have about where your life may be headed.

Whether your New Year's resolution is to make some great changes or if you simply want to start small, this is the perfect book for you. Available for pre-order now. 

Visit the official Facebook page for The Little Book of Changes, created by author Peter Crisp.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Digital Downloads available

Digital downloads are available for many of our titles and for whichever device you prefer to read your ebooks on.

Rumi's Tales from the Silk Road 
(iBooks, Kindle, Nook)

Minding Your Business
(iBooks, Kindle, Nook)

Myths of the Asanas
(iBooks, Kindle, Nook) 

(iBooks, Kindle, Nook)
(iBooks, Kindle, Nook)
(iBooks, Kindle, Nook)
(iBooks, Kindle, Nook)

(iBooks, Kindle, Nook)
(iBooks, Kindle, Nook) 

Light on Death 
(Kindle, Nook)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Autobiography of an American Swami

Radhanath Swami was born in Chicago in 1950. In his teens he set out to wander the world on a spiritual quest, eventually discovering the yoga path of devotion. He presently travels in Asia, Europe, and America teaching devotional wisdom but can often be found at his community in Mumbai, India.

People who know Radhanath Swami speak of his dedication to bringing others closer to God and their own spirituality. Almost in the same breath they speak of his lightness, simplicity, and sense of humor. Visitors and friends are inspired by his unassuming nature and natural unwillingness to take credit for the works he inspires—community development, massive food distribution to indigent children, missionary hospitals, eco-friendly farms, schools, ashrams, and emergency relief programs.

His story takes us hitchhiking across Europe and the Middle East—through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and eventually India. He survives multiple near-death encounters including run-ins with drug smugglers, robberies at knifepoint, an attack by a pack of wild dogs, being held captive by a large venomous snake, and nearly suffocating in quicksand. Penniless and half-starved, he arrives in India and climbs to remote regions of the Himalayas where levitating recluses are among the many famous and unknown mystics who train him in the life of a wandering mendicant.

The Journey Home
Autobiography of an American Swami
by Radhanath Swami

Hardcover / 356 pages
18 color plates

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Ten Most Visited National Parks

According to the National Park Service, these were the 10 most visited National Parks in 2010. 
National Park Recreational
Park Visits
1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park (TN, NC) 9,463,538
2. Grand Canyon National Park (AZ) 4,388,386
3. Yosemite National Park (CA) 3,901,408
4. Yellowstone National Park (WY, MT, ID) 3,640,185
5. Rocky Mountain National Park (CO) 2,955,821
6. Olympic National Park (WA) 2,844,563
7. Grand Teton National Park (WY) 2,669,374
8. Zion National Park (UT) 2,665,972
9. Acadia National Park (ME) 2,504,208
10. Cuyahoga Valley National Park (OH) 2,492,670

Images from nearly 400 National Parks can be found inside the 228 pages of Ian Shive's photography collection, "The National Parks: Our American Landscape," a great gift for any photographer or nature lover.

A portion of the proceeds from this book goes toward protecting our national parks in conjunction with the National Parks Conservation Association.