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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning

For those of you who made - and kept - your New Year's resolutions, you should be proud of yourselves. Not many follow through, or end up using Lent as their next motivation for giving up some bad habits or making more healthy decisions to better their life.

Our spring titles will also encourage you to make a fresh start in your diet and exercise routine so get ready to be inspired to make some great changes!

April 2012
Vegeterannean: Italian Vegetarian Cooking was written by the owners and proprietors of the Country House Montali, an award-winning hotel and restaurant in the Umbrian hills of northern Italy. They have created gourmet vegetarian dishes for over twenty years and have garnered rave reviews in major international media outlets.
March 2012
Written by Tara Lynda Guber, founder and CEO of the nationally recognized Yoga in Schools program Yoga Ed., Contact Yoga: The Seven Points of Connection and Relationship is for the individual ready to take yoga - and their relationship - to the next level. 

Now Available
Change is never easy, which is exactly why Peter Crisp's modern version of the I Ching will appeal to anyone with pocket-size problems. Taking your everyday worries and questions, Crisp created a fun and unique way to interpret one of the oldest books in the world in his small but hearty, The Little Book of Changes (a pocket I Ching).

Spring cleaning never felt so good.


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