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Monday, March 19, 2012

Italy's country cuisine retreat

Those who have visited the Country House Montali in Tavernelle di Panicale, Italy, have spoken highly of this destination built to "attract like-minded souls," with "fabulous surroundings and serving the most delicious gourmet vegetarian meals."

Country House Montali
More raving reviews from guests:
"Breakfast, lunch or dinner: every time again an artistic surprise."
"If you're looking for the perfect place to really, really get away, do yourself a favor and stay for as long as you can at Country House Montali. This incredible mountain top land, the beautifully decorated rooms, the relaxed vibe experienced when you find yourself overlooking valleys on both sides of the property- all of this and great hospitality made this an unforgettable peak to our Italy experience. Get there as early in the day as you can- the roads leading up to the place get more windy and are best negotiated in good light. Prepare yourself to unwind, take a swim, walk amongst the olive trees and enjoy a glass of wine under the pergola. You'll meet like minded people as we did who appreciate this place and come back again and again when in Italy. And the unbelievably great food... the quality, presentation, variety service and attention to all the details was accomplished with a warm precision by Alberto, Malu and their staff. Glad we have the cookbook as a fond reminder and source of inspiration till our next visit."
You can order a copy of their cookbook, Vegeterranean: Italian Vegetarian Cooking, from Earth Aware Editions, or see photos of their amazing, mouth-watering recipes.


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