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Monday, June 30, 2014

Earth is my Witness & Art of Adventure

At MandalaEarth, we believe in the connectivity of all things, and aim to explore everything related to the synthesis of the natural and spiritual worlds, including music, yoga, philosophy, ancient art, health, photography, environmental activism, and more. We strive to create books that emphasize the importance of seeking spiritual enlightenment, closeness with nature, and caring for ourselves and our planet. Two of our upcoming titles, Earth is my Witness and The Art of Adventure, capture this holistic approach and MandalaEarth's commitment to the marriage of environmentalism and the arts. 

Earth is my Witness is a stunning exercise in appreciation for the world in which we live. In our modern landscape, many of the ancient places, creatures, and cultures are fast disappearing. In this lavish book of photography and commentary, Art Wolfe, acclaimed photographer, and Wade Davis, award winning author, preserve these rare moments and places for generations to come. 

We live in a breathtakingly beautiful world, and while Earth is my Witness is a survey and appreciation of the world, The Art of Adventure is a call to action. The fastest growing form of recreation today, outdoor adventure sports bring us out of our homes, force us to challenge our limits, and allow us to become closer to the spirit of nature. 
Filled with wisdom and colored by both epic and quiet moments, The Art of Adventure is a gripping reminder of the vast playground awaiting those willing to live on the edge.


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