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Monday, January 2, 2012

From Flipper to The Cove

Behind the Dolphin Smile is dedicated to the world's dolphins, both living and dead, introducing the readers to an emotionally charged story of one man's campaign to protect the world's dolphins.

Richard O'Barry begain training dolphins to entertain audiences for shows at aquatic theme parks and for roles in movies and TV shows, most notably Flipper. His career as a trainer came to an abrupt halt when one of the dolphins that played Flipper on television died of stress in his arms.

It was this experience that motivated O'Barry to do everything he could to educate others about the billion-dollar captivity industry and advocate for dolphins as he works tirelessly to free every last one of them.

Richard O'Barry founded Dolphin Project, Inc and is the director of Earth Island Institute's Save Japan Dolphins campaign. He starred in the Academy Award winning documentary, The Cove, and in his son, Lincoln O'Barry's TV series, Blood Dolphins, on Animal Planet and Planet Green.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Behind the Dolphin Smile will go to Richard O'Barry's Dolphin Project of the non-profit Earth Island Institute. You can learn more at


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